What are the drugs that are good for cough and information about treatment methods are here.

What is good for cough, cough is often known as a symptom of some diseases, it has two forms, dry or phlegmatic cough.

What is Cough?
What is good for cough, cough is a reflex for cleaning the airways. It can be in the form of dry cough or phlegmatic cough. It can also be considered acute or chronic. Acute cough is a cough that lasts less than four weeks, while chronic cough is known as cough lasting longer than four weeks. Some coughs can go away on their own, while some coughs should be examined and treated by a specialist. Coughing is sometimes a useful action. Coughing, especially during a heart attack or heart spasm, can protect you from these conditions, which can have serious consequences for you. Or coughing when a foreign substance escapes into the trachea can be thrown out and be life saving. Apart from these, coughing can often be considered as symptoms of diseases. Patients often cough in heart and lung diseases, which, along with other symptoms, plays an important role in the diagnosis of diseases.

Cough Causes?
Excessive smoking

• Use of tobacco products (hookah)

• Lung diseases

• Chilling

• Reflux

• Asthma

• cold weather

• Inhaling dusty air

• Allergies

• Throat cancer

• Humid-free environments


• Psychological

• Stinker

Heart failure

• Heart diseases

• Drying of the throat

• Lung cancer

What can be good for cough, if cough does not go away for a long time and gradually increases its severity, pain occurs during cough, swallowing difficulties or voice disorders are observed. In this case, the cause of the cough must be diagnosed and treated by the specialist. If cough is not caused by a serious illness, what is good for cough should be learned and applied.

What Is Cough Good For?
What is good for cough;

• Drinking plenty of fluids

• breathing fresh air

• Good ventilation of the environment

• Not being in cold environments

• consuming honey

• Taking a well-adjusted shower

• Moisten the air of the environment

• Avoiding the use of perfumes and similar products that will irritate the respiratory tract.

Consuming herbal teas (sage, ginger tea, mint-lemon)

• Avoiding cigarettes and other tobacco products

• Being protected from cold weather

• Eating useful foods such as turmeric and ginger

• Clean the nose

Paying attention that the pillow is a little high and upright when lying down

What is good for cough, by paying attention to them, you can prevent cough and treat cough.


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