It’s that time of the year, folks—the time when all of our precious wildlife shows off its true colors, i.e. their comedic side, whether it’s a deliberate pose or just extremely lucky timing.

Yep, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards are here and the winners have been revealed. has collected all of the winning and highly commended photos to make a neat curated list for you to peruse below. So, why not get to know the winners, read their stories and our exclusive interview with the people behind the awards, and vote as well as comment on the submissions you enjoyed the most!

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#1 Spectrum Photo Creatures In The Air Award And Affinity Photo People’s Choice Winner: “I Guess Summer’s Over” By John Speirs

Spectrum Photo Creatures In The Air Award And Affinity Photo People's Choice Winner: "I Guess Summer's Over" By John Speirs

I was taking pics of pigeons in flight when this leaf landed on the bird’s face.

John Speirs/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report


After a long year of picking out finalists, the people behind the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have finally decided upon the winners and the honorable mentions for this year.

The winning entries were revealed on BBC’s ‘The One Show’ in front of millions, which the organizers of the awards said is record-breaking since the launch of the awards in 2015.

#2 Highly Commended: “See Who Jumps High” By Chu Han Lin

Highly Commended: "See Who Jumps High" By Chu Han Lin

Chu han lin/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report


#3 Alex Walker’s Serian Creatures On The Land Award Winner: “Ninja Prairie Dog!” By Arthur Trevino

Alex Walker's Serian Creatures On The Land Award Winner: "Ninja Prairie Dog!" By Arthur Trevino

When this Bald Eagle missed on its attempt to grab this prairie dog, the prairie dog jumped towards the eagle and startled it long enough to escape to a nearby burrow. A real David vs Goliath story!_x000D_

Arthur Trevino/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report

This year’s grand-prize winner is “Ouch” by Ken Jensen, introduced as a keen amateur photographer from Blackburn, UK. The photo went up against 7,000 other comedic entries from all over the world.

In particular, Ken’s winning photo is of a golden silk monkey caught in a rather nasty predicament whereby it has slipped on a tightrope and its family jewels have just lost a carat or two.

And while all of us are sending our sympathies to the monkey and its prospective offspring, you gotta admit, it was definitely worth it because the monkey became the winning face of this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, and that should surely amount to something in the animal kingdom.

#4 Creatures Under The Water Award Winner: “Time For School” By Chee Kee Teo

Creatures Under The Water Award Winner: "Time For School" By Chee Kee Teo

A smooth-cated otter “bit” its baby otter to bring it back to and fro for swimming lesson.

Chee Kee TeoReport

#5 Highly Commended: “The Green Stylist” By Gurumoorthy K

Highly Commended: "The Green Stylist" By Gurumoorthy K

Gurumoorthy K/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report


“I was absolutely overwhelmed to learn that my entry had won, especially when there were quite a number of wonderful photos entered,” elaborated Ken Jensen.

“The publicity that my image has received over the last few months has been incredible, it is such a great feeling to know that one’s image is making people smile globally as well as helping to support some fantastically worthwhile conservation causes.”

Besides being titled the grand winner of this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photographer Awards, he also got a chance to partake in a safari in Masai Mara, Kenya, as well as a unique handmade trophy—Alex Walker’s Serian—from the Wonder Workshop in Tanzania, among other goodies.

#6 Highly Commended: “Chinese Whispers” By Jan Piecha

Highly Commended: "Chinese Whispers" By Jan Piecha

The little raccoon cups are telling secrets to each other

Jan Piecha/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report


#7 Amazing Internet Portfolio Award Winner: “The Joy Of A Mud Bath” By Vicki Jauron

Amazing Internet Portfolio Award Winner: "The Joy Of A Mud Bath" By Vicki Jauron

An elephant expresses his joy in taking a mud bath against the dead trees on the shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe on a hot afternoon.

Vicki Jauron/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report

“I think, over the years, we have covered just about every wild animal—it certainly feels that way when we sift through the initial entries, the variety of species is vast and growing each year as the competition reaches more people,” explained Michelle Wood of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards when asked what animals or species are yet to make a debut among winning photographs. “It would be great to see more marine photography, as we know there is so many habitats in our oceans it would be amazing to be able to share that in a compelling and engaging way.”

#8 Highly Commended: “How Do You Get That Damn Window Open?” By Nicolas De Vaulx

Highly Commended: "How Do You Get That Damn Window Open?" By Nicolas De Vaulx

This raccoon spends his time trying to get into houses out of curiosity and perhaps also to steal food.

Nicolas de VAULX/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report

#9 Highly Commended: “Peekaboo” By Pal Marchhart

Highly Commended: "Peekaboo" By Pal Marchhart

A young bear descending from a tree looks like he/she is playing hide and seek.

Pal Marchhart/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report


#10 Overall Competition Winner: “Ouch!” By Ken Jensen

Overall Competition Winner: "Ouch!" By Ken Jensen

A golden silk monkey in Yunnan China – this is actually a show of aggression however in the position that the monkey is in it looks quite painful!

Ken Jensen/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report

Is the pënis being blocked to protect the honor and dignity of this screaming monkey?

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is a contest where wildlife photography meets comedy. Founded by professional photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam in 2015 to help promote wildlife conservation through humor.

And promote they do! This year, the contest is supporting Save Wild Orangutans, a non-profit charity that takes a multifaceted approach to orangutan conservation through education, awareness, sustainable living, wildlife investigation and research. The contest donated 10% of all of its net revenue to the charity.

#11 Highly Commended: “Let’s Dance” By Andy Parkinson

Highly Commended: "Let's Dance" By Andy Parkinson

Two Kamchatka bear cubs square up for a celebratory play fight having successfully navigated a raging torrent (small stream!)

Andy Parkinson/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report

#12 Highly Commended: “Missed” By Lea Scaddan

Highly Commended: "Missed" By Lea Scaddan

Two Western Grey Kangaroos were fighting and one missed kicking him in the stomach.

Lea Scaddan/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report


At this point, we just had to ask the people behind the contest whether they thought animals have a sense of humor:

“Of course we’d like to think they do and that they are chuckling along with us, or at least playing with us, but who knows. Maybe they are the same as humans—some do and some don’t,” laughed Michelle Wood.

#13 Highly Commended: “Majestic And Graceful Bald Eagle” By David Eppley

Highly Commended: "Majestic And Graceful Bald Eagle" By David Eppley

Bald Eagles will use the same nest for years, even decades, adding new material to it at the beginning and throughout the nesting season. Normally, they are highly skilled at snapping branches off of trees while in flight. Possibly tired from working nonstop all morning on a new nest, this particular Bald Eagle wasn’t showing its best form. Yes, sometimes they miss. Although this looks painful, and it might very well be, the eagle recovers with just a few sweeping wing strokes, and choses to rest a bit before making another lumber run.

David Eppley/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report

#14 Highly Commended: “Treehugger” By Jakub Hodan

Highly Commended: "Treehugger" By Jakub Hodan

This Proboscis monkey could be just scratching its nose on the rough bark, or it could be kissing it. Trees play a big role in the lives of monkeys. Who are we to judge…

Jakub Hodan/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report


But this year is done and another one begins as the competition prepares for it, so we asked Wood if 2022 will be bigger and better for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards. She had this to say:

“The hard work starts on preparations for 2022 now, and all that will be up for discussion—it might be time to mix it up a bit. There are lots of exciting projects lined up for next year, plus we are hoping to hold an Awards Night for the first time since the pandemic, so plenty to look forward to.”

#15 Highly Commended: “I Got You” By Roland Kranitz

Highly Commended: "I Got You" By Roland Kranitz

I spent my days in my usual “gopher place” and yet again, these funny little animals haven’t belied their true nature.

Roland Kranitz /Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report

#16 Video Category Winner: “Hugging Best Friend After Lockdown” By Rahul Lakhmani

Video Category Winner: "Hugging Best Friend After Lockdown" By Rahul Lakhmani

Rahul Lakhmani/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021Report

If you’d like to see who else won in the previous years, you can check this out or visit the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards website.

But before you run off, let us know who’s your favorite, or share some of your comedic encounters with wildlife in the comment section below!



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