There is nothing like getting comfy and cozy with your pets.  But if you’re like most pet owners, you end up sleeping like a pretzel while your furry friend is sprawled out slumbering in peace.  But what happens if you share your bed with 8 rescue dogs?

You build a bigger bed!  Chris and Marisea Hughes, founder of the Mr. Mo Project, a non-profit that helps sick dogs find forever homes are obviously crazy about dogs.  In addition to their project, the couple has saved 8 stray dogs from street life by taking them in.

Along with lots of love, they give the dogs all the comforts of their home, including sleeping in their bed.  As their pack grew, so did their need for more mattress space.  They wanted to let all the dogs sleep in their bed with them but with 8, it was proving impossible because there just wasn’t enough room anymore.

In order to ease the crowding, the Hughes came up with the idea to build a bed big enough to accommodate them and their 8 doggos.  They thought about their dream bed then contacted a dog loving furniture maker and shared their idea.

The furniture maker made the bed for them.  It took six months to build but the wait was worth it.  The bed is truly a work of art and totally functional for them and the dogs.  It has two giant mattresses plus a 6 foot tall headboard with engraved paw prints. There are stairs leading up the bed as well as drawers that can help the dogs climb up and down.  There may even be room for a couple more dogs.

People like the Hughes make the world a better place.  Please share their story with your family and friends.


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