The study done by Tilburg University in the Netherlands on 125 children aged 10 to 12 revealed that the number of people who prefer snacks such as apples or cucumbers in the group watched television programs where healthy meals are cooked is two times higher than the others.

Within the framework of the research, the results of which were published in the journal “Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior”, the children were divided into three groups. The first group was watched for 10 minutes, where healthy meals were cooked, and the other, where junk food was encouraged, and the last, television programs, which had nothing to do with meals.

Later, the children were offered a tray of various snacks as if they had nothing to do with the research. While 41 percent of the children in the group watching the television program where healthy food was cooked preferred snacks such as apples and cucumbers, this rate was 20 percent in the group following the program where junk food was encouraged. It was observed that 22 percent of the children in the control group preferred healthy snacks.

Experts stated that working, seeing vegetables and fruits on TV can increase the desire for healthy foods.

“The findings of the study indicate that the meal programs can be a promising tool to encourage positive changes in children’s food preferences, attitudes, and behavior,” said the leader of the research team, doctor Frans Folkvord.

It is also thought that teaching children to cook dishes prepared with fruits and vegetables can also improve their nutrition.


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