LEGO Cherry Blossom Tree

Every spring, people from all over the world flock to experience Japan’s candy-pink cherry blossoms in all their glory. But with such a short bloom period, many are left wishing they could stay around a little longer. However, there is one cherry blossom tree that’s in bloom all year-round—made entirely from LEGO bricks, this record-breaking sculptures was recently created by LEGOLAND Japan in celebration of the theme park’s first anniversary.

At 14 feet tall and almost 5 feet wide, the incredible 3,333 kg (7,348 lb) piece set a new Guinness World Record for the “largest LEGO brick cherry blossom tree.” Originally designed in the Czech Republic, and shipped to Japan to be assembled, it took over 6,500 hours to complete the structure with 881,470 bricks. The impressive piece features a grassy base, large branches, a canopy with thousands of flowers, and even LEGO lanterns that illuminate the structure at night.

For more of LEGOLAND Japan’s impressive projects, take a look at their website.

In celebration of their first anniversary, LEGOLAND Japan recently built a life-sized cherry blossom tree entirely from LEGO.

LEGO Cherry Blossom Tree

At 14 feet-tall and almost 5-feet wide, the 3,333 kg lego tree set a new Guinness World Record for the “largest LEGO brick cherry blossom tree.”

LEGO Cherry Blossom Tree

LEGO Cherry Blossom TreeLEGO Cherry Blossom Tree

LEGO Cherry Blossom Tree

Watch how the incredible structure was assembled.

LEGOLAND Japan: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube
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