This new notion was proposed by the Russian website, which claims to have discovered the images below, which were obtained by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory spacecraft not long ago.

As you can see in these photos, what looks to be a gigantic UFO is falling into the Sun as we know it.

Many scientists feel that this isn’t a collision at all, and that the spacecraft is just approaching the Sun to harvest plasma energy to utilize as fuel for their spacecraft.

The Paranormal Crucible was the first to discover it, therefore the video you may see below was initially published by them.

NASA has been attempting to deny this for some time, but to no effect, as an increasing number of Ufologists come forth to endorse this findings.

For example, StreetCap1 is a well-known YouTuber and Ufologist who released his own video on the subject, explaining how the UFO is fueled by the Sun’s energy.

The administrator of the UFO Sightings Daily, Scott C Waring, added his own opinions to the mix, adding that the UFO looks to be blasting out of the Sun entirely, which might indicate that it is indeed using the Sun as a probable stargate.


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